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Peter Carlin LogicEarth
Peter Carlin LogicEarth Copyright Peter Carlin

Peter Carlin co-founded LogicEarth an e-learning company in the middle of a global recession over 10 years ago. It was an incredibly difficult time to launch an online education business but Peter and business partner Paul McKay saw a massive gap in the market.

Working for BT (British Telecom), Peter asked realised that spending on classroom-based training was falling. He asked himself: ‘Is face-to-face learning the only option that we can give L&D buyers? Of course not!

Fast forward more than 10 years and LogicEarth has been acquired following a successful sale of the business. So what was the journey like and what learnings are there for you?

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Giving training clients more options

Peter was part of the leadership team at a technical training company BIC Systems which was subsequently acquired by British Telecom in Belfast. 

We were delivering a lot of training courses all over the world. And the one thing that struck me was that, in terms of return on investment, we felt that clients should have more options to deliver courses and upskilling. The obvious gap was elearning.

It was our passion and energy for developing people that convinced our first big client to trust us and hire us @logicearth

It was our passion and energy for developing people that convinced our first big client to trust us and hire us @logicearth Tweet

Quite often there were many people on courses who didn’t need to be there. Frequently there were people in the room with different levels of capability and not everyone was putting their new-found skills into practice’.

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Peter and Paul realised that there was a massive opportunity to serve corporates with credible online learning solutions. So he and his business partner set about setting up LogicEarth and getting their first customers. Lots of mistakes and lessons learned along the way. Listen now!

We knew we had to bring great people into the team if we wanted to grow our elearning business to attract corporate clients…@logicearth Tweet

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What exactly was the gap in the elearning marketplace?
  • What was it like to start a elearning business in a difficult time?
  • How Peter and business partner Paul McKay got their first clients
  • What was it like taking on their first employees?
  • How Peter and Paul funded their startup early on
  • Who approached LogicEarth to acquire the business?
  • Why Peter felt some buyers were not right for them
  • What convinced LogicEarth to sell to Creative Engagement Group?

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