How I transitioned from corporate to consulting w/ Joe Houghton

Joe Houghton - Consultant Trainer
Joe Houghton Consultant Trainer – Copyright Joe Houghton

Are you earning income as a consultant, facilitator or trainer or is that something that you’d still like to do?

Thousands of people are thinking of how they can develop income streams from productizing their expertise.

They’ve spent years, sometimes decades in corporate roles and now want to capitalize on their knowledge through training and developing people. 

That’s what today’s guest had in mind when he left a senior leadership role at GE to acquire an Executive MBA and 2 postgrad diplomas in teaching & learning.

Joe Houghton is Director and co-developer of the UCD Smurfit Business School Masters in Project Management. He is a trainer, coach and these days a busy consultant!

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“When I introduce myself to my students, I tell that I am a business man who trains and teaches…”

Joe Houghton Consultant Trainer

Seek out new challenges

“I was conscious that in the corporate world, I was doing well. I was a senior manager and I was making money but I wasn’t actually very satisfied...”

“I needed to change and I needed a challenge...”

“I had been responsible for a lot of training initiatives in my role in my job. But training and teaching were things that I didn’t really know...”

When I introduce myself to my students, I tell that I am a business man who trains and teaches...”

What I try and do know is to work on stuff that interests me...”

My portfolio career as a trainer and professor now allows me to take the dog for a walk and tuck the kids into bed at night...”

With all my interests, no day is the same. And I think that this is the life I was looking for…!  

Check out the episode now!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why Joe left the corporate world to be a trainer
  • How Joe got his first consulting clients
  • Why he dedicates time to pro-bono work
  • How having a blend of client work creates stability for Joe
  • How university work has generated leads

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