How do I create and share my business values w/ Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes Training Business Values
Mark Hughes Training Business Values

What really matters to you?

Mark Hughes is our guest on the podcast today and he is pretty clear on one thing: Your professional and business values really matter to you and your customers.

His journey took him from the corporate world at McKinsey to then a post as a CEO on behalf of a social enterprise body in Australia where values lie at the heart of aboriginal culture.

Mark knows that being crystal clear on your values is going to help you decide on what work to do and how to attract the right clients. Listen to now to learn how Mark chose his!

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Value are like a guidance system because they keep you on the right path so you do more of what’s important…

Mark Hughes Trainer and Facilitator

Values are core to your business and to your belief in your work. They are like a ‘North Star’ because they help you to be clear about the direction you are going in.

Many freelancers trundle along from year-to-year without ever taking time to question why they do what and where they want to end up. Things like ‘quality’, ‘integrity’, reliability all matter.

So when you sit down and work out a clear set of values, you are going to have confidence in what exactly your business and brand stand for and which clients are going to honour them.


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What exactly value-setting does for you and your business
  • Why values will give you greater clarity
  • How to come up with a list that makes sense for you
  • Why you should share your values with customers
  • Which 8 values matter to Mark as a consultant

Some resources for you

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