How to get your virtual training to the next level w/ Diana L. Howles

Diana Howles Next Level Virtual Training
Diana Howles Next Level Virtual Training – Image copyright Howles Associates

How has your training delivery changed and how much of it is virtual these days?

In this week’s episode, guest Diana L Howles is going to give you a masterclass on the intricacies of virtual training.

If you’re unfamiliar with terms such as Live Mixed Learning, Synchronous Education etc., you’re going to find today’s podcast interview particularly helpful.

Diana is the author of Next Level Virtual Training and has some powerful tips to help you take your virtual training to the next level. Perfect!

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Live Mixed Learning is now

Hybrid learning or live mixed learning happens when you involve onsite learners (in the room) as well as online learners (remote) at the same time.

This kind of learning works best when your delegates feel as if they are all together in the same training.

LISTEN BACK – Kassy LaBorie author of Producing Virtual Training explains how you can stop technology from getting in the way of great online learning experiences.

It is so critical that your virtual learners have their cameras switched on. I get my remote attendees to join the training early and I get them taking before the class starts.

I also like to enlist a co-facilitator to help with virtual training. The Lead-facilitator can work with the onsite learners and the co-facilitator ensures that remote learners are included.

You might also think about letting your online learners go first when you run exercises or ask questions.

So when you get feedback from learners, you want them to say something like: – “I really felt like I was in the room with the rest of the group! Thank you for making me feel included!”

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Diana Howles started off as a trainer
  • What is Live Mixed Learning
  • Which virtual training challenges to master 
  • What are the 8 areas of expertise for top virtual presenters
  • Which roles are necessary in virtual learning experience
  • How you can get your hands on Next Level Virtual Training!

Some resources for you

Next Level Virtual Training – PreOrder your copy today
Howles Associates – Diana’s website
Sharon Boller – Listen to Sharon discuss learning design thinking

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