From freelance to business owner with Pete Starr

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Pete Starr now runs his own successful small training business from Manchester in the United Kingdom. He continues to work as a freelance trainer and is gradually moving to a 100% direct client base.

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It’s only when you look back at your career, that you can join the dots to work out why you end up doing the thing that you love doing…

Pete Starr, Managing Director Chilli, Pepper Development

Follow your passion

Pete’s journey from freelance trainer to training business owner was anything but direct. He was faced with the uncomfortable dilemma of choosing between a full-time job or becoming a freelance trainer.

The kids were small, I had no money in the bank, I had just purchased a new house and my wife was not working at the it was a huge risk. But it felt right.

Pete Starr, Managing Director Chilli, Pepper Development

He just knew that it was a question of ‘now-or-never’. There were so many reasons not to start his training business but they were far outweighed by the reasons to be able to take control of his life.

Have you ever wondered where you would be if you hadn’t followed your heart and started your own freelancer business?

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Weighing-up the safe option of a salary and the risks of going freelance
  • Being either a very busy associate or pursuing your own direct clients
  • Why having an element of security is important in your training business
  • Which activities help to generate leads for your training business
  • How networking with other trainers can be invaluable
  • How to know which training companies NOT to work with
  • What can help you fill in gaps in your training calendar
  • How to prepare for a training company’s audition process
  • Which one piece of advice Pete would give his past-self

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