How do I get my business year back on track with goals

refresh your business goals back on track
Refresh your business goals – Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

All going to plan?

When you look at your revenue in the first half of the year, are you satisfied with what you see? Are you where you wanted to be at this time in your business?

Owners start off with great plans but soon miss targets. Goals are forgotten and soon the business is in danger of failing. We don’t want that for you.

It’s not too late to crunch up those numbers! You still have a few months left to make things work before the year end. That’s what today’s podcast episode is all about. Listen now!

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Everyone needs to refresh their goals. Today is your chance to start again.

Start thinking big

How many of your yearl goals have you achieved so far? One, two, three… or none?

You want your business to survive the year and you want it to hit ambitious targets. Great!

The way to make that happen is to ensure you are on track. Let’s take the opportunity today to revitalise your goals and get you re-started. Listen now!

Two quick ideas

Decide how much revenue you’d like to bring in by the end of the year and work on strategies to create revenue streams. These are money goals.

Next, take a look at your network. Who are the people you need to reach out to right now? Make a plan to contact them and convert them. These are you relationship goals.

You can create / refresh other goals but start with these two today. We challenge you to give these 30 minutes to 1 hour each. You’ll be amazed how much energy this gives your business year!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How to increase profits and reduce costs
  • Improve your business image through online marketing
  • Sure-fire ways to make offline marketing work
  • How to find the right people to connect with
  • The right way to invest in yourself
  • Key benefits of investing in your business

Some resources for you

Hubspot – Strategic planning models and tools [$affiliate link}

Listen to the episode now


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