How do I negotiate pricing for my workshops (part 1)

how do I negotiate price for my workshops
how do I negotiate price for my workshops – Photo by Pexels

Negotiation is a value-conversation. So, the first thing we need to tackle is the conversation you have with yourself before you ever open your mouth. You have to feel you are worth your price.

Great negotiators have a clear idea of what they want and why they want it. This keeps them rooted and focused on the outcome they want.

We are going to look at the psychology of negotiation through three words beginning with ‘p’: Positive, Perspective and Preparation.

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You have to know what you want and why you want it before you negotiate anything …

Check your self-talk

I want you to grab a pen and write down what value you think your training business value represents to your clients. Put a daily price on it.

Next, I want you to write down how good you think you are at persuading others to give you this amount. 

Are you surprised by what you have written? Do you see a disconnect between the two? What are you feeling as you read the number(s) and the words on front of you? 

The bad news is that this disconnect explains

  • Why you are perhaps unhappy with your pricing
  • Why your clients don’t pay you what you want.
  • Why you dread a negotiation (or value-conversation)   

The good news is that you can take steps to do something about it.

That’s what today’s episode is all about. Check it out now!

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why your internal conversation with yourself determines your negotiation success
  • Why you need to trade value rather than trading price
  • Whether it is better to renegotiate bad prices or replace a bad deal
  • Why your perspective will shape your negotiation success every time
  • Which 4 questions you need to ask yourself before you negotiate
  • Why preparation vastly increases your chances of getting what you want

Some helpful resources for you

Getting to Yes– Finding agreement with others – Fisher and Ury [$affiliate link]
The Negotiation Book– Defining successful negotiation – Steve Gates [$affiliate link]
Successful Negotiation– Free online course – University of Michigan [$affiliate link]

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