How I’m helping clients communicate internally w/ Rob D Willis

Rob D Willis Internal Communication Training
Rob D Willis Internal Communication Training

Rob D Willis is relatively new to the world of training & development.

For nearly 10 years, Rob had been working as a tour guide in Berlin developing his communication skills and public speaking.

So when COVID struck in Feb 2020, Rob had to pivot fast. Gone were the public tours and the accompanying revenue streams.

What to do? Rob knew that Berlin has a large number of fast-growing tech firms.

Through client conversations, Rob has discovered a need for helping teams improve their internal communication.

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“I listen to how my clients communicate internally.. not just externally …”

Rob D Willis – Internal Communications Trainer

Internal communications trainer

The idea to help clients with communication training came from talking to coaching clients and hearing their frustrations…

I realized that if I wanted to help them, I had to more than just show them how to develop a presentation and present it.

One of my clients works in Business Intelligence and he was trying to align their finance team and the marketing team but they had completely different interpretations of the word ‘revenue’...

It sounds like a straightforward communication problem to solve but this confusion was leading to inaccuracies and other expensive problems..

As a communications trainer, it’s really important for me to listen to how my clients communicate with each other internally – not just how they communicate externally…

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Rob settled on his training niche
  • Where he got his first consulting customers
  • Who Rob’s ideal consulting client is
  • How he markets his training brand to tech firms
  • Where Rob Willis is taking his communication training next

Some links for you

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