How I Started Lane 4 w/ Olympic Champion Adrian Moorhouse

Adrian Moorhouse Lane 4 EY
Adrian Moorhouse Lane 4 EY – Copyright Lane 4

In this week’s episode, we’re speaking with Adrian Moorehouse, Olympic Swimming Champion, and Talent Development business owner.

Adrian started Lane 4 a UK based Talent Development company in 1996 together with 3 others and grew it to over 130 people. 

In July 2021, Lane 4 and its team was acquired by the global professional services giant EY (formerly Ernst & Young). What a story!

So what’s it like to start a Leadership development business, hire your first employees and grow it to an international level for acquisition?

Check out Adrian and Lane 4’s story right here!

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I think that the story of Lane 4 is all about belief – somebody believing in you… TWEET THIS

Small beginnings

I think that Lane 4 began with people believing we could do it when we started our talent development brand.

So two of the other guys were still in well-paid university jobs. That then made up the group of four original founders.

And I didn’t want to leave my job. I was scared. But then one of my co-founders tried to convince me to leave my job.

He told me: “I believe in you. I think we can do this and you can be the person to make it happen. You guys create it and I’ll sell it.”

Management Development Program

I had already done a couple of speaking engagements and one of the people I got talking to was the Managing Director of a company called Bourne Leisure Holdings.

He said: “I really like your concept of working alongside Managers. I want to run some Management Development programs and I really like the sporting overlay.

Would you like to pilot a program in some of my leisure parks?

Then there came a crunch-point. My co-founders and I were unsure we could do it.

But our new client said: I believe in you. I’ll give you half the money up front if it’ll help you make the decision to leave all your jobs… Check out the rest of the episode now!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What it’s like to have your training business acquired
  • What Lane 4 stands for in the marketplace
  • Which kinds of clients Lane 4 works with
  • How Adrian got his first paying training clients
  • What’s it like to take on your first employees
  • Where Lane 4 is going and what’s around the corner

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