How I left corporate to start my consultancy w/ Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann Punk Rock HR
Laurie Ruettimann – Image Copyright Punk Rock HR

Laurie Ruettimann exited the corporate life at Pfizer to set up her own training and HR consultancy Punk Rock HR working with executives, business leaders and HR Directors.

Laurie is the author of ‘Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career’.

And for L&D professionals thinking of stepping away from the corporate world and starting their own consultancy, this is really worth a listen today.

Laurie says what helped her was developing an attitude of ‘professional detachment.’

Too many professionals give too much to their role with the result that they make no time for their ‘stepping off point’.

So you could start to treat your current job as your ‘first client’.

This gives you the ability to exercise more control and lay the groundwork for your next move.

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“Take some time to write down all the ways you will fail. Not might fail. Not could fail. Will fail…”

Laurie Ruettimann – PunkRock HR

Are you ready to start on your own?

Laurie says: “take some time to write down all the ways you will fail...”

Not might fail. Not could fail. Will fail.

“Ask yourself: If I am going to start a consultancy, how will I fail?

You will set your business up wrong
You will not have the right professional insurance in place
You will not have the right kinds of clients
Your will not know what your value proposition is

Whatever comes to mind, just write it down.”

“When you have completed this exercise, you now have a list of potential problems BEFORE they happen.

“Next, start to write down the ways in which you WILL take steps to prevent some or all of these things from happening.

Laurie says that when you do this, you can improve your chances of success by over 30%

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why many consultants aren’t ready to set up on their own
  • How to prepare to step away from your corporate role
  • What exactly professional detachment means for you
  • Why a quick irrational decision to leave will cost you
  • What to do in order to negotiate a serverance
  • Why a pre-mortem will help you avoid business mistakes

Some resources for you

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