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Kevin Eikenberry moved from a corporate career at Chevron 28 years ago and started his own leadership training brand.

Today, Kevin has 4 parts to his training & development brand focused on frontline and remote leadership, DiSC assessment as well as Kevin’s premium 1-1 coaching and speaking.

To spread his message, have a bigger impact and make more money serving clients, Kevin has grown his team of training associates.

Kevin’s leadership development programs, leadership books and online courses have created a stream of business leads. That’s what every business owner wants!

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“I want people I hire to be very good at facilitating learning that gets results…”

Kevin Eikenberry – Remote Leadership Institute

Don’t replicate you

“…The value of having 4 part to my business became very clear to my team during the pandemic.

I showed my team the numbers (accounts) in the middle of 2020 and told that if we didn’t have the Remote Leadership Institute, most of them wouldn’t be here.

The Remote Leadership Institute did exceptionally well during the pandemic.

The other parts of the Kevin Eikenberry group are now recovering but didn’t so well in 2020.

I have always realized that if I want my consultancy to grow, I need to find great people, great trainers.

I have never wanted the consultants we hire to be like me. I don’t want to replicate copies of me.

Instead, I want people I hire to be very good at facilitating learning that gets results.

Style of training matters less than the results of training, right? ….”

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Kevin has found great associate trainers
  • Which things Kevin had to let go of in order to scale
  • Which parts of the business are most profitable
  • Why Kevin writes so many books
  • What you need to do to scale your business now

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