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As a self-employed consultant or trainer, you’ve been through your fair share of struggle. Maybe you ask yourself difficult questions from time to time. “Am I doing the right thing? Where is the next client going to come from?” 

If you’re up against clients demands, you know what it’s like to be under pressure. You make a mistake. Someone rejects your training proposal. You lose a client. That’s struggle!

You’re told that your prices are too high etc. Who needs that kind of stress every day?

You might tell yourself: Would it not be easier just to give it all up?

Here’s one way of looking at it: If you and your business have overcome challenges like this, then you’ve already learned a lot about yourself and your coping mechanisms.

My guest today is author and Productivity Ninja, Grace Marshall who tells me why struggle is normal and how you can deal with it.

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What is going on? Why is my business struggling? If this feedback is useful information, what is it telling me? .. TWEET THIS

Why struggle is the answer

I know that when clients hire me to help their people, they might look at me as someone who has all the answers.

And why wouldn’t they? I’m a consultant. People are paying me to help fix their challenges.

The thing is, I am human and have my fair share of moments of doubt – even identity crises. Am I really an expert?

Why do I suddenly feel vulnerable on front of a room full of people I have never met?

Some trainers have realized 'the boat I am in is sinking'. If that's happening to you, it’s hard to be creative when you’re just trying to help your business survive. TWEET THIS

What if someone I am training knows more about this and makes me look stupid? What if this program or workshop isn’t what people need. Why is this such a struggle?

Grace suggests that all these voices of doubt in your head are totally normal.

She writes that you have to ‘let go of being right; of having all (or any) of the answers and to be willing to get stuck into the questions.…’

Great advice. Listen to the rest now.

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

Why ’struggle’ is where your greatest lessons happen
Which questions you need to ask yourself when things go wrong
What kinds of organizations Grace helps and how
Why resentment can actually help your growth
What makes Grace a Productivity Ninja
How Grace became a trainer and what she has learned
How she has grown her business through her books

Some resources for you

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Struggle – Grace’s book produced by Practical Publishing
The Chimp Paradox – Bestselling book to help you manage your inner dialogue
Deep Work – Cal Newport’s classic on how to focus on key tasks


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