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Get found online

Where do your clients go when they look for training? If they know you exist and like you, they will get in touch. But if they don’t know you exist, they’re probably going to go online and search.

Your prospective clients might find you on Google or Bing or some search engine. In that case, you are one of hundreds or thousands of other training providers competing for eyeballs and clicks.

So another option is to consider listing your workshops and programs on a directory site. Today I have the CEO of on the show to tell you how that works. Listen now!

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Mattias explains that you can work with an account manager to decide which package suits your training business and customers.

The customer portal gives you a bunch of stats including the numbers of clicks you get on your listing as well the names of the companies doing the clicking. 

The major challenge facing trainers and facilitators is getting found online among all the other providers out there…

We have 3500 paying customers who have their training courses and workshops listed with us @findcourses

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How you can list your training programs online today
  • What you have to do to stand out on the internet
  • How your customers actually conduct searches online
  • Which ways you can better promote your training
  • How corporate clients use findcourses to look for trainers like you

Some resources for you – Mattias’s site that gets 20+ million visitors annually

Listen to the episode now


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