Make virtual training amazing using Butter w/ Cheska Teresa

Make virtual training amazing using Butter w/ Cheska Teresa
Make virtual training amazing using Butter w/ Cheska Teresa

Have you heard of Butter? Not the kind you spread on bread…this Butter is a fantastic facilitation tool that enhances your virtual training and makes your training fun, engaging, and memorable.

Want to know more how you can make your training stand out of the crowd and really engage with your clients? 

My guest this week is Cheska Teresa, Chief Growth Officer at Butter.

In this episode Cheska shares the functionality or Butter’s software and how it can be used to facilitate better learning experiences.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • Butter’s story: How Butter started and what problems they’re trying to solve
  • Why facilitation is the skill of the future
  • How to make virtual training more fun and engaging

Ready to make training that sets you apart from the crowd?! 

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We’re very focused on helping people facilitate better.

Cheska Teresa – Make virtual training amazing using Butter

Make Virtual Training fun

Start maybe with the idea of structuring sessions with intention.

Remote workshops or remote meetings often go kaput is because people don’t really think through the outcomes they want at the end of the session.

Or, people are not aware of what agenda they will be covering.

So the more we think through or plan through the structure of where we want to facilitate learning, the more effective it will be.

Think through your intention

So think through the intention and what purpose you want to have.

How do we evoke emotions in the group, so that the collaboration feels better the leanings stick?

When people are engaged in what they’re doing, when they’re happier, it leads to much better outcomes.

I think the same goes when it comes to designing virtual training.

Be conscious of group makeup

You want people to feel throughout the session, so try to design around that.

As the facilitator, it’s not your role to have all the answers during the session, it’s your role to guide people.

Be very conscious about the makeup of the group that you’re running.

Try to understand the audience that you’re you’re hosting the workshop for and make sure that the activities that you’re doing are attuned to what those audiences needs are.”

Make virtual training amazing using Butter – Copyright

Breakouts are super important in terms of changing the dynamics of the session.

Cheska Teresa – Make virtual training amazing using Butter

Why facilitation is the future.

We really, really believe that the future is going to be distributed.

We do a lot of remote meetings, whether they be workshops or training, and it’s clear not everyone can become a facilitator.

The dynamics that normally happen in in-person sessions are not the same as online.

You need people to understand how to facilitate effectively, how to pull people into conversations, how to get them to collaborate effectively with each other.

So when they’re working in a distributed manner, they can run their teams much better.

So that’s like the crux of it, why we believe it’s important
.” ⬅️

Take-aways you do not want to miss 👇

  • Lean what Butter is all about
  • How you can facilitate better
  • Ways to avoid inefficiencies and lack of engagement in your virtual training
  • How you can build engagement and energy in your virtual training
  • The importance of session recaps, transcripts and summaries
  • How to save yourself time and effort in post-session analysis
  • Why a Human-Centric approach works
  • Why facilitation skills are crucial for effective collaboration
  • Tips for creating Engaging Virtual Sessions

Some resources for you

Check Out Butter : Learn how to use Butter

LinkedIn: Follow and connect with Cheska

My LinkedIn: Connect with me

My Book: Sales Coaching Essentials

Some our links are sponsored. If you decide to sign up to Butter, we get a small commission at no cost to you. This allows us to pay for hosting etc. Thanks for your support! 😀

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