5 top tips to maximize time away from your business

5 things to maximize time away from your business
5 things to maximize time away from your business

Are you taking time off this summer? If you are, how do you maximize time away from your business?

As a learning & development consultant or trainer, it’s easy to have an ‘always-on’ mentality.

You’ve worked hard all year and you probably like making money because you love what you do.

But you and I need time off from training and coaching clients.

But how do we maximize time away from our business?

We need to revisit what we’ve learned from working
We need to reimagine how we can build a better business
We need to reboot ourselves so we can add value to what we make money doing

Today, I’m going to give you 5 tips to get more from your maximize time away as a business owner.

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Time away = a more valuable business.

You can, and need to take time to revisit, to re-imagine and to re-boot your business.

Because if you’re running a business and the business is you, then you are the most important asset that this business has!’

And this is why you’ve got to re-imagine, revisit and reboot your business.

So, take some time over the coming days, maybe the coming week or weeks before things go back to full-on consulting/training/coaching/facilitating in September. That’s typically when my business year begins.

By doing these things:

  • Re-visiting the previous year, the past year, the past six months
  • The process of re-imagining which changes to make to your business
  • Rebooting things which help you to be a better you (personal/family/friends/health)

Those things will only add to your business which, of course, makes you and your business more valuable.

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What mistakes I’ve made (and how to avoid them)
  • How to maximize time away from your business
  • Why you need time to concentrate on the big picture
  • How your business can become bigger and better

Some resources for you

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