How you can deliver learning EASY w/ Naphtali Bryant

Naphtali Bryant - Director Learning & Organizational Development Netflix
Naphtali Bryant – Director Learning & Organizational Development Netflix

Naphtali Bryant has been leading L&D teams for nigh on 17 years – he’s currently Director of Learning & Organization Development at Netflix. 

He’s also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor and breakout speaker at the annual LinkedIn Talent Connect conference and he’s passionate about making L&D engaging and accessible.

In fact those are the first two letters in an acronym which Naphtali has been honing for a number of years and it’s the guiding set of principles which informs how Naphtali ensures that talent development serves organizations like Netflix.

Deliver EASY stands for Engaging, Accessible, Simple and Yielding to Impact.

Naphtali’s going to give you the breakdown on that concept today and how he uses it to earn a place at the strategic decision-making table.

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Return on Expectations (not RoI)

One of the ideas which Naphtali advocates is that of RoE. 

When we as L&D practicioners have business-led conversations with internal stakeholders, we tend to talk about RoI or Return on Investment.

So what exactly is RoE or Return on Expectations?

Things are just getting faster and faster in the workplace. We are asking employees to be more agile…

Naphtali Bryant – Director Learning & Organizational Development Netflix

In the context of a 21st century hybrid-workforce, things are changing left and right.

RoI works when you and your organization are focused on the longer term understanding of payback from training. But it takes time to learn whether that is the case.

RoE is perhaps better when you are focused on helping the people to deliver more immediate value in their day-to-day work.

This is where I lean into RoE more than RoI

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What got Naphtali into L&D in the first place
  • What is Sharpening your EDGE?
  • How does Napthali’s Deliver EASY work?
  • How you measure the efficacy of Deliver EASY in a practical sense
  • Why your would measure Return on Expecations rather than RoI
  • Whether its easier or harder for L&D to earn a seat at the strategic table
  • What are the expectations of L&D leaders in the 21st century?
  • What are some of the major changes in Learning that Naphtali is seeing?

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Learner Engagement – LinkedIn Learning Course from Naphtali and Jason Mulero
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