How I help clients reduce stress and increase resilience w/ Jay Fields

Jay Fields Somatic Trainer - Copyright Jay Fields
Jay Fields Somatic Trainer – Copyright Jay Fields

Are you aware of the importance of Emotional Intelligence at work? What about the concept of Embodied Emotional Intelligence?

Today’s guest, Jay Fields helps clients through her training programs in managing emotions at work and regulating the nervous system and reducing stress. 

Jay highlights the importance of PsychoSomatic training. She suggests that you can think of it like Mindfulness 2.0.

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When you understand how your nervous system influences your ability to be resilient and adaptable, Jay says we can build a healthier and more compassionate work environment.

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Organizations know they need help with resilience

I started coaching yoga teachers but then they started telling their friends who were CEOs or someone in the business world.

So then people started coming to me and saying, could you do this for my team because your training and coaching is really helpful.

Most of us pay attention to what our mind is telling us but we don’t connect to what is happening below the neckline.

We tend to ignore the signals from our body. There is a lot of information coming to us from out body that can really helpful us.

The organizations that reach out to me already know that their employees need to be more resilient because their stress levels are through the roof.

I’ve never had to convince clients that they need help with managing emotions at work and building resilience. They know they need it.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Embodied Emotional Intelligence is
  • How Jay works with coaching clients
  • How your nervous system has an effect on you
  • Why managing emotions at work is crucial
  • What science tells us about how stress affects you

Some links for you

Jay Fields – Jay’s home page
LinkedIn Learning – Jay’s courses online


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