How we grew BLP to $4 Million in Sales w/ Sharon Boller

Sharon Boller - Design Thinking for Training and Development
Sharon Boller – Design Thinking for Training and Development – Image Copyright Sharon Boller

Sharon Boller is the co-author of ‘Design Thinking for Training and Development: Creating Learning Journeys that Get Results’

Sharon also built Bottom Line Performance from one person to 33 employees and $4 Million in sales before selling it to TiER1

As Sharon admits, her training company would not have grown without a focus on the kind of stuff that training and development practitioners often overlook

Things like:

Negotiating terms of a contract
Devising pricing strategy
Recruiting associates, assistants, vendors 
Managing accounting, marketing, systems, standard operating procedures etc.

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Focus on operations

Sharon Boller says that “many people in the learning & development industry decide that they want to start working for themselves…”

“I had a two year-old and a five year-old and I had a vision for how I wanted my family life to go but that vision wasn’t compatible with my job as VP of Instructional Design…”

“I started my training company primarily as a means to improve my lifestyle. The first year, I made $12,000. Three years later, the business was making $100,000…”

“My husband’s employer sold its interests in the USA so he was then free to come on board…”

“I was doing really well with the training design and executing of the learning and development projects but I had none of the operations or business background…”

“He then took care of IT and put operating procedures as well as some HR policies in place so we could hire our first people…”  

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Design Thinking is
  • How Design Thinking gets results in training
  • Why a clear vision helped Sharon grow BLP
  • Where L&D practicioners need to focus to build a business
  • Which skillsets are needed to scale operations

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