How do I stand out as a freelance trainer?

Stand out as an associate trainer
Stand out as an associate trainer – Photo by Mark Garrett Hayes

Get hired

As a freelance trainer, you are a commodity to some extent. There are certainly other trainers out there who can do what you do and as well as you can.

They might be cheaper or more expensive. They might be less experienced or more experienced. What matters is that you stand out from the competition.

Today, we’re going to give you three things to think about so that you are the person they want to hire for the training gig. Check out the episode now!

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When a training company bids for new training business, they will usually use your ‘trainer profile’ to sell you to the client …

Write your own profile

You will usually be asked to provide a written ‘profile’ usually around the same time that you are accepted on to a training company’s ‘pool’ or ‘panel’ of trainers.

This trainer profile is very important as it serves both as a way of introducing you internally to the team as well as a way of introducing you externally to the company’s customers.

In effect, your profile explains who you are and what it is that you can offer.

Bin the resumé

The good news is that no one is asking you for a transcription of your résumé. Usually something between 150 and 350 words should suffice. Furthermore, this profile does not have to be unique.

Therefore, your profile is the sum- mary which clients of the training company (or your company) will read when considering whether you are the right trainer for a project.

Your training profile can cost you money or make you money in a few short seconds of reading. It’s that important! It’s therefore crucial that you write it well and that you write it yourself.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which kind of information belongs in your training profile
  • Why your passion for your subject is extremely infectious
  • How selling the ‘why’ to learn is more important than ‘what’ to learn
  • Why developing yourself adds to your price tag
  • How a TTT Train the Trainer is essential to prove your skills
  • Why there is truth in the saying: ‘readers are leaders’
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