How I went from priest to trainer w/ Tobias Rodrigues

Tobias Rodrigues Corporate Trainer
Tobias Rodrigues Corporate Trainer -Copyright Tobias Rodrigues

Today’s guest is Tobias Rodrigues, a former Catholic priest and now a trainer helping global brands to build bad ass teams.

In fact, Badass Teams is the name of Tobias’s brand. 

Tobias helps organizations such as Henkel,, EBay and Citibank in areas such as effective team building and leadership coaching.

He tells an amazing story of how he got his first clients and how working IESE Business School in Spain has been really productive.

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Designing training programs

A corporate training client asked me to train a new team. They wanted the team to start off ‘on the right foot…’

‘So I created a model using a tool which I learned at the Foundation for Emotional Education in Barcelona…’

‘This training model uses a psychological contract that to help teams work together…’

‘The first pillar of this model requires you to really know who is on your team…’

‘Then second pillar requires the team to all agree on the goal…’

‘And the third pillar helps establish the role of each person in contributing to the goal…’

‘Over the course of two days, I help the team to gel together…’

‘They understand the strengths of everyone, how to work together and develop a team game plan…’

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How networking has produced business leads
  • What Tobias gets from his collaboration with IESE business school
  • Which training products Tobias developed and why
  • How Tobias got his first paying clients
  • The kinds of challenges Tobias Rodrigues helps to solve

Some links for you

Badass Teams – Tobias Rodrigues’s training website
IESE – Business School [Spain]


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