Why you want to sell retainers to your clients

selling retainers to your clients
Selling Retainers to your clients Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

What does your income look like for this month?

How much will you earn and where will the money come from?

When will your current training projects come to an end?

Will you you have to look for new training clients to plug the gap?

When you working for yourself in a freelance or independent capacity you have to generate predictable revenue.

So this week, let’s look at how you can sell retainers and make them work for your training business.

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Predictable revenue wins

A retainer is an arrangement where your client agrees to pay you on a consistent basis for a defined period in exchange for services rendered over the long term.

That’s the long version :o)

I’m working on one this week together with my colleague.

It’s a 12 month agreement for training and coaching.

In return, the client will pay an agreed amount each month, every month.

Cashflow is key when it comes to surviving as a consultant, coach, facilitator or trainer.

That’s what we all want.

Dependable income streams from clients who are happy to work with us over the long term.

So where do you start? That’s what today is all about.

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How retainers help your business stay alive
  • Why retainers will help you to reduce stress
  • How you can get even closer to your client
  • Why a retainer works for both parties
  • Which questions to ask yourself first
  • Examples of retainers models you can use


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