How I’m helping female leaders assert themselves w/ Jodie Salt

Jodie Salt Woman Up Ladies Life Lounge
Jodie Salt Woman Up Ladies Life Lounge – Copyright Jodie Salt

Jodie Salt has just written a business book that’s attracting followers into her sales funnel. 

It’s called ‘Woman Up’ and as Jodie tells us, her book has gone to the top of the Amazon bestseller charts in 11 categories! 

Jodie began as a Learning & Development consultant working with brands such as Sky and British Gas and still works as an associate trainer on projects she loves. 

She now co-owns her an online coaching business called Ladies Life Lounge and has developed a range of revenue streams from masterclasses, online learning products and retreats.

Have you thought about how you can attract followers and the kinds of people who want to invest in your training and products?

Jodies has a great story today …so buckle up and get ready to learn loads!

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So our training material was born from the kinds of content which we felt that we needed ourselves … CLICK TO TWEET

Recurring revenue from training

My coaching business is now in a position where I can choose which projects excite me. The kinds of work that I consider to be in what I call ‘my zone of genius’...”

I have always worked face-to-face with my clients. Our online membership is now taking the business to a more virtual space where we have videos, masterclasses, downloads...”

We want to put all the kinds of content which women need, in one place. Under one roof where our clients can access it 24/7...”

“So our training material was born from the kinds of content which we felt that we needed ourselves..”.

It’s great having recurring revenue streams coming into our business now. The book I launched this week is really, really helping increase our number of followers ….

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

How Jodie got into training & development
What she learned from working as an associate trainer
How she is growing multiple revenue streams 
What Jodie plans to do to attract corporate clients
How she is using her book to attact high-paying clients
What Jodie does to market her brand succesfully
How she developed a membership subscription model

Some links for you

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